#1: Precision — it’s everywhere good

7 weeks of mentoring have flown.

With Startupbootcamp I’ve been immersed in a world of artificial intelligence, deep learning, data exchanges, satellite image compression and processing. I’ve explored with the teams and other mentors how those technologies could be most useful.

Precision for business development

Peter Bunus — CEO of Cystellar — one of the cohort CEOs — shows the scene of a Cystellar satellite zooming to earth bringing ever greater image precision. There is a great deal a business can do with this kind of precision. No wonder that precision is a theme that runs through the whole cohort: more precise risk assessment, a more precise way of matching people and assets, more precise medical care. We’ve talked increasingly about a movement away from heuristics…towards precision.

With this precision in mind, we’ve drilled into the specifics of the problem that the technology can solve, really specific — which specific insurer, which department, which buyer, why? And we’ve drilled into the specific pilot design, duration, requirement, why us, outcome. There is always more precision to be found, more specificity needed. The next few weeks running up to Demo Day are about building ever more precision into the pitch.

Precision for mentorship

Precision is just as crucial for mentors. What’s become utterly obvious is how perfectly precise a mentor and mentee match needs to be, to be productive. This precision must stand up on both emotional and rational fronts. Do I like this person? Do I think I can work with them? Do I think they can help me at this moment? Do I understand why they want to work with me? Do I know what they can do? Are they available? Do they know the right people?

It’s a wonder any mentoring happens at all. Yet it does, with a lot of human intervention and when it does — brilliant things happen.

Getting more precise

A new work focus has emerged this last 7 weeks in training and coaching mentors — helping them be more precise in their offer to start ups, helping them be matched. This is all helping to understand what Honest Onions needs to do to be more productive, to be more precise. You can expect a refined Honest Onions soon.